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January 2019 Archives

Medical device recall affects item used for brain surgery

Advancements in medical technology have benefited a great number of Ohioans and people across the nation. Devices that are designed to improve the quality of life and help doctors perform complex procedures could be categorized as miraculous. While a significant number of these devices do exactly what they are designed to do and people are saved because of them, some defective medical devices can cause danger and even lead to severe injuries and death.

Woman dies in trucking accident when turning semi blocks road

The Ohio roadways are rife with large trucks going to and through the state. While most of these semis are driven conscientiously and safely by their operators, there are times when the drivers will be reckless, negligent, drive while distracted and under the influence. Even when the driver is not doing any of these risky things, simply trying to make a turn can place others in jeopardy. The size of these vehicles and the speed at which they travel puts all others on the road at risk. With a trucking accident, there can be injuries and fatalities. After a collision, legal help is integral to being sufficiently compensated.

School with asbestos stokes fear of asbestos-related illness

In Ohio and across the nation, asbestos was once viewed as a miracle that had a variety of uses in seemingly limitless ways. It was used in building, manufacturing and more. As time passed and it was discovered that the substance could cause illnesses to people who were exposed to it and it often led to them being debilitated and eventual death, its use petered out for safety sake.

Risk of consumer injury sparks blood pressure medicine recall

When Ohioans are diagnosed with a medical issue that requires medication to control, there is an inherent trust that the medical professional providing the prescription will understand its risks. Similarly, there is trust that the manufacturer of the medication will take the time and care to ensure that the drug is safe. Unfortunately, there are instances where people are placed in jeopardy because of issues with the medication. This can cause health implications, consumer injury, worsened medical condition, medical expenses and death if it is not caught in time. Understanding how to respond when this occurs is important and it could be necessary to consider a legal filing for compensation.

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