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Concern over consumer injury from insulin pumps grows

When a resident of Solon or anyone throughout Ohio has a medical issue that requires a medical device to help them, there is a belief that the device will function properly. Otherwise doctors would not recommend it and people would not use it. However, there are always dangers when using a manufactured device for health purposes and some can cause illness and injury. They might even lead to death. People who were injured, became ill and even died deserve justice. Having legal advice from a law firm that is experienced in defective medical devices and consumer protection is key to these situations.

An investigation into insulin pumps has shown that people are frequently being injured when using them. Designed to treat people suffering from diabetes, these devices are meant to regulate the person's insulin levels. One person, a 9-year-old girl, received a pump to treat her Type-1 diabetes in September 2012. Unfortunately, she wound up needing to be hospitalized four times in the next seven months because her blood sugar was high. The doctor asserted that it was due to user error and the pump was not the issue. Research has shown that with medical devices, none were more prone to issues than insulin pumps.

These devices are known for the greatest incidences of malfunction and people being injured and dying in the entire database of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Only metal hip replacements surpass these insulin pumps in causing injury. Many are not aware of the danger of insulin pumps. Companies and experts say they are safe and user error is the cause of the problems. But parts for these pumps manufactured by Medtronic Inc. had 20 recalls and around 100 legal filings. People are required to pay attention to the devices, but that does not change the fact that a study indicated that there were negative outcomes in 40 percent of people who used insulin pumps.

The use of a medical device is meant to improve a patient's quality of life. When there are malfunctions or mistakes with the device, it can do the exact opposite. Those who are impacted by defective medical devices and have suffered consumer injury and the loved ones of people who might have died because of these errors should be aware of their right to file a lawsuit for compensation. A firm that specializes in medical devices and problems associated with them should be contacted for advice on how to move forward with a claim.

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