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December 2018 Archives

Latest statistics show many truck drivers die in truck accidents

When Ohioans hear the words "truck accident," they will reflexively think about people who are in conventional vehicles getting into a crash with a large semi and suffering serious injuries and death. While this does happen throughout the state, truckers are also at risk for suffering the consequences of a crash. When this happens as they are going about their business and doing their job, it is important that their families who are left behind understand the risk and take the necessary steps to file a claim for compensation.

Asbestos-related illness from talcum powder spurs scathing report

Asbestos is a substance that was once used regularly for a variety of products and in numerous areas. As time passed, it became clear that it led to people being at risk for illnesses and conditions that could be deadly. When it is discovered that companies are still putting asbestos in their products and the public is unaware of it, people who use these products are placed at risk of mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung problems and more. In some cases, the companies in question are accused of hiding the presence of asbestos in their products. When this has happened, those in Ohio who believe they might have been subjected to a negative impact because of it should understand their rights to a legal filing for compensation over asbestos-related illness.

Truck accident kills roadside construction worker in Ohio

In Ohio, large trucks are a constant on the roads. Simultaneously, it is necessary for workers to perform various maintenance and repair work on roads to ensure those roads are safe. The combination of these two factors can lead to injury and death when there is a semi-truck crash involving a roadside worker. While most truckers respect workers and their safety, some truckers will speed through construction zones and put workers at risk.

Concern over consumer injury from insulin pumps grows

When a resident of Solon or anyone throughout Ohio has a medical issue that requires a medical device to help them, there is a belief that the device will function properly. Otherwise doctors would not recommend it and people would not use it. However, there are always dangers when using a manufactured device for health purposes and some can cause illness and injury. They might even lead to death. People who were injured, became ill and even died deserve justice. Having legal advice from a law firm that is experienced in defective medical devices and consumer protection is key to these situations.

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