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Fear of asbestos-related illness sparked by discovery at school

The debate over the dangers of asbestos seemed to have been settled long ago. However, the political climate has again sparked questions as to how dangerous it truly is and whether it can still be used for certain purposes. Still, for people in Ohio and across the nation, the mere mentioning of the word sparks concern that exposure will eventually lead to asbestos-related illness, significant health problems, and almost certain death. Understanding what steps to take when there is a belief that there was asbestos exposure is imperative in a medical and legal sense.

A middle school in Kentucky had a part of its building closed when it was believed that ongoing construction exposed asbestos. The school was undergoing renovation in a conference room and it was believed might have unearthed asbestos. There is no immediate concern that health is at risk, but the staff and families of the students were informed. The release of the substance was said to have been limited to the area in which the work was taking place. That area was closed as the investigation continues and Environmental Protection Agency guidelines are being followed.

When asbestos is discovered in a building, there will be fear. This is true whether it is commercial, residential or public. Of specific concern is when it is found in a school. Because asbestos was once viewed as beneficial in many industries, its presence is common and will often be found during construction projects. The mineral can cause mesothelioma, asbestosis, cancer and other health issues. There are no known cures for diseases related to asbestos. When there is a belief that asbestos has been found, those who believe they or their children might have been exposed should remember their rights to seek compensation for any illness that is believed to have been due to asbestos.

Regardless of where asbestos is found, its discovery will initiate widespread fears that it could be elsewhere. This is especially worrisome in a school. For people who think they or a loved one was exposed to and became ill because of asbestos, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in asbestos-related illness should be called for advice about a possible lawsuit.

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