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Broken water pipe sparks concern about asbestos-related illness

In Ohio and across the nation, there are buildings that were constructed long ago. Current environmental requirements and regulations for building materials were not in place at the time they were built and that can lead to substances, such as asbestos being present. People who live or work in a location where there is asbestos present cannot help but have it in the back of their minds that asbestos-related illness is a possibility. For those who are ill or exhibit symptoms, they might have the right to file a case for compensation due to unwitting asbestos exposure.

An Arkansas courthouse was closed, and the offices needed to relocate as there is a chance of asbestos exposure due to a broken water pipe. The pipe broke in the vanity of the restroom on the third floor of the courthouse. A plumber was called to repair the issue.

Since the building was constructed 8 years before the turn of the 20th Century, there is a chance asbestos was used when it was built. Because asbestos was used for many years until it was widely stopped in the 1970s, it is always a danger with an older building. People being exposed to it can suffer a variety of illnesses that effect their lungs. They inevitably lead to a decline in health and eventual death. The testing is continuing as the repairs are done, but it is a concern given the circumstances.

Merely mentioning the word, "asbestos," will initiate fear in those who think they might have been exposed to it. Although it was one used in a multitude of industries and was viewed as a miraculous discovery, information was eventually revealed as to how dangerous it could be. It can cause numerous illnesses, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, cancer and more. These are difficult to treat, severely hinder a person's quality of life, and will lead to death. The discovery of previously unknown caches of asbestos in a building should not be met with a shrug. Those who were exposed should think about their future health.

In Ohio and across the country, there are buildings where asbestos might have been used as part of the building plan and people are near it every day. It might not have been disturbed, and the danger could be mitigated. But, it is still present. For people who think or know they were exposed to asbestos or are already ill with a condition that is known to be linked to asbestos, legal help is a must. A law firm that has experience in helping people who are suffering from asbestos-related illness should be called for a consultation.

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