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The distracted truck driver phenomenon sparks concern

Distracted driving is a problem in Ohio and across the entire country. It is the cause for many accidents with injuries and fatalities regardless of what type of vehicle the distracted driver is operating. When it is a large truck, however, it is of greater importance that semi-truck drivers refrain from distracted driving. Truck companies are cognizant of the trend and are entreating their drivers from being a distracted truck driver. Unfortunately, it continues to happen. Those who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident because of an apparent distracted trucker should know the steps to file a lawsuit for compensation.

It is not simply a matter of surfing the web, sending and replying to texts, and checking social media that is spurring the rise in distracted driving. People believe that they can multitask and have increased productivity by using their phones behind the wheel. This creates danger for themselves and especially for others on the road. According to AAA, the biggest risk on the road today is distracted driving. 88 percent of those who took part in a survey said they think there are more people driving while distracted. This is 20 percent more worrisome than aggressive drivers, 33 percent more than drivers under the influence of drugs, and 45 percent more than drunk drivers.

Truck company fleet managers are not just examining the phenomenon at the driver level, but also seek to understand the brain activity that leads to it. Distraction goes beyond not watching the road. It also impacts manual and cognitive faculties. Drivers will not see vehicles in front of them, might let the vehicle drift into other lanes or off the road entirely, and miss those crucial seconds that can allow them to avoid a trucking accident. This can occur on top of other time-worn trucker issues such as driving while drowsy.

Truck companies are taking various steps to educate their drivers and show them that being a distracted truck driver can cause accidents and severely hinder their livelihood. Still, many drivers are under the impression that they can do several things at once and their experience behind the wheel will carry them through while maintaining safety. Trucks are ingrained in the business culture and will forever be present. Despite attempts to reduce distracted trucking, it will inevitably happen. Those who have been injured in a truck accident due to a distracted trucker might face medical expenses, lifelong changes and more. If there is a death, the family left behind will these problems and more. A law firm experienced in investigating truck accidents can help with the case and a lawsuit.

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