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Research seeks find and address common medical mistakes

Suffering from a worsened condition due to medical mistakes or a misdiagnosis is a fear that any Ohio resident who goes for medical care will have. Few will expect it to happen to them. Unfortunately, it does - all too often. People are negatively impacted by these medical errors to the tune of having longer stays in the hospital, exacerbated illnesses and conditions, and even death. Those who have been affected by these problems should know that even medical professionals are acknowledging this must be addressed and use their research as part of a legal filing for compensation.

With the understanding of the issue, a group of entities who specialize in advocacy for providers and patients began an initiative that will span two years and is an attempt to find diagnostic mistakes and identify them to reduce their number. An estimated 80,000 people die from these errors and lead to medical malpractice cases. With their research, there were six factors that often interfere with accurate diagnoses. These can be warning signs for people who believe they might have been harmed by these errors.

When there are transitions of patients, there are communication gaps that can cause damage. This can be going from one facility to another, changing doctors, moving to a different department, and other instances. Feedback and an absence of measuring tactics can keep providers from knowing where they need to improve, how to notify others of mistakes, and what diagnostic strategies were and were not effective. Clinical reasoning is frequently lacking in support. Symptoms can have a multitude of causes and there might not be sufficient resources to gauge them.

Time constraints can be problematic whether it is because of other appointments, not being able to gather full medical histories and a paucity of time to discuss options. It can be complex to get through the diagnostic process. Other negatives include an absence of information, knowing who to contact, and how to keep track of follow-ups. Finally, research is necessary but requires funds. Medical professionals are still unsure as to the scope of medical mistakes, how they happen and what to do to truly reduce their frequency.

Although these are positive steps, it does not help people who have been injured or died because of medical errors that might have been traced back to the above-related factors or due to another misstep on the part of medical professionals. A law firm with experience in medical mistakes can help with investigating the case and moving forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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