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Just bought tickets to a rock concert? Stay safe!

You might be one of many Ohio music fans who are eagerly gearing up for a rock concert featuring one of your favorite bands. With numerous popular venues throughout the state, you have your choice of popular events from which to choose at any given time. If you're a particularly avid concert-goer, you may have a scrapbook or other means for saving souvenirs from the various shows you attend.  

You probably enjoy looking back on the memories you have made with family and friends. Perhaps you lucked out on occasion and have gotten backstage passes or photographs (and autographs) with your favorite music stars. As with many large-capacity public events, however, there's a downside to rock concerts as well. Staying safe is undoubtedly one of your highest priorities, and crowded events definitely place you at risk for injury.  

Keep these things in mind at your next concert         

Being aware of your surroundings and knowing where to seek support if an emergency situation arises are key factors toward protecting yourself at rock concerts. The following list includes additional helpful ideas that you and your fellow rockers will want to remember, the next time you make plans to attend a show: 

  • Hydrate: Whether the show you're going to see will be indoors or outside, it is critical that you drink plenty of water. Especially if you like to get your groove on and dance, you'll be sweating, and if the show lasts a couple hours, you can easily become dehydrated if you're not drinking enough water. 
  • Dress appropriately: If you go to a show during cold-weather months, you may still get quite hot indoors, in a crowded arena. Keep this in mind when you choose what to wear to a concert; if the show is indoors, don't over-layer your clothing or you may become faint. 
  • Know where security is at all times: Concerts post security guards for good reason. If a motorist hits you in the parking lot or a problem situation occurs during a concert, you may need fast access to security, so it's always good to know where the guards are before, during and after the show. 
  • Do not accept drinks or food from strangers: You might want to let your hair down at a concert and socialize with people you've never met before, which might not necessarily be a problem. However, if you accept drinks, drugs or even food from a stranger, you are placing yourself at risk for harm. 

You obviously don't want to be paranoid when you're heading out on the town for a fun night at a rock concert. You also won't want to lack awareness of potential dangers or knowledge about where to seek urgent assistance if you need it.  

If you wind up injured at a concert    

Any number of things can go wrong at a rock concert to cause you injury. You might trip over debris lying in a walkway. You might fall victim to a negligent driver. Sadly, there have been tragedies involving fatalities at several public events throughout the nation in recent years. If you suffer injury, there are support networks in place to help cope with emotional trauma, as well as to seek full recovery of your losses.  

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