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Elderly woman faces personal injury after dog attack

Many people in Ohio own dogs. While a dog is a fine pet and most people care for them properly and make sure they are safe around people, the fact remains that a dog is an animal and could be set off by even the slightest perceived provocation. There does not even need to be an overt provocation for a dog to attack. While some breeds are seen as more dangerous than others, any animal attack can cause injuries and even fatalities. Those who have been attacked by a dog can face medical expenses and long-term damage. A personal injury legal claim is frequently the only way to receive adequate compensation for all that was lost.

A dog attack sent an elderly woman to the hospital. The incident occurred when the woman, 90, was walking her own dog. The dog belonging to her neighbor got free from its restraint and attacked her. The owner of the attacking dog said her dog was acting "crazy" when the elderly woman with her dog walked by. She sprayed him with water to try and get him to settle down. Instead, he broke free and ran to the woman, attacking her. She was taken to the hospital with bite marks all over her body including to her throat where there was said to be trachea penetration. Her face was also bitten. The dog was put down. No charges have been filed.

Dog bites are in the news relatively frequently. The number of dog bites that happen in relation to the number of people who own dogs is relatively low, but that does not diminish the danger and damage that can come about with dog bites. There are many reasons why a dog might attack and bites to the throat, face and extremities can lead to long-term problems and even death. With medical expenses, physical scarring, and the emotional residue of remembering the attack, a legal filing can be important to recover compensation.

Dog bites are always dangerous, but when it impacts an elderly person or a child, it is much worse. Given the injuries the 90-year-old woman suffered in the dog attack, it is vital for her and her family to understand their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing. A law firm that is experienced in premises liability and dog bite cases can be of assistance.

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