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Companies know a distracted truck driver can cause injury, death

With the number of semi-trucks on the road and Ohio being centrally located, drivers of conventional vehicles are understandably concerned about being involved in a truck accident. While there are time-tested reasons why there might be a truck crash due to DUI, driver flouting rules for time spent on the road, and speeding or negligence, a relatively new issue is a distracted truck driver. Even truck companies are aware of the issue and advice is prevalent as to how they can reduce its incidence. This can be useful when people are injured or lose a loved one in a truck accident and are seeking compensation in a legal filing.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that there were more than 3,000 fatalities due to distracted driving on the road in 2016. Since drivers spend such an inordinate time behind the wheel, complacency and boredom can be issues. They might use their cellphone for a variety of purposes from talking to texting to surfing the web. They might also eat behind the wheel, change the radio station and take part in other behaviors that might appear innocent, but can be a distraction. Texting is the biggest danger. Drivers will remove their eyes from the road for an average of five seconds when texting and can travel more than 300 feet in that time-period.

Federal law states that drivers making a cross-country delivery are not allowed to text while driving. Companies also mandate that drivers do not text and drive. Unfortunately, many still do it. Ideas that can prevent distracted driving include turning off devices that are not needed; having the destination on a GPS set; being a defensive driver; avoiding daydreaming; and taking breaks as scheduled. Companies should also try to make sure that the technological advancements installed in the truck are not distracting in and of themselves.

Certain advancements are useful for employers to gauge what drivers are doing as it can record hard-braking, speeding, making sudden moves into other lanes and more. For those who have been hurt in an accident with a truck or people who have lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident, this information can also be beneficial toward a lawsuit as it can show what a driver was doing at the time of the crash. Legal help is also vital. An experienced law firm can help people who have been impacted by truck accidents and should be contacted immediately for advice and help.

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