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September 2018 Archives

Research seeks find and address common medical mistakes

Suffering from a worsened condition due to medical mistakes or a misdiagnosis is a fear that any Ohio resident who goes for medical care will have. Few will expect it to happen to them. Unfortunately, it does - all too often. People are negatively impacted by these medical errors to the tune of having longer stays in the hospital, exacerbated illnesses and conditions, and even death. Those who have been affected by these problems should know that even medical professionals are acknowledging this must be addressed and use their research as part of a legal filing for compensation.

Companies know a distracted truck driver can cause injury, death

With the number of semi-trucks on the road and Ohio being centrally located, drivers of conventional vehicles are understandably concerned about being involved in a truck accident. While there are time-tested reasons why there might be a truck crash due to DUI, driver flouting rules for time spent on the road, and speeding or negligence, a relatively new issue is a distracted truck driver. Even truck companies are aware of the issue and advice is prevalent as to how they can reduce its incidence. This can be useful when people are injured or lose a loved one in a truck accident and are seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Elderly woman faces personal injury after dog attack

Many people in Ohio own dogs. While a dog is a fine pet and most people care for them properly and make sure they are safe around people, the fact remains that a dog is an animal and could be set off by even the slightest perceived provocation. There does not even need to be an overt provocation for a dog to attack. While some breeds are seen as more dangerous than others, any animal attack can cause injuries and even fatalities. Those who have been attacked by a dog can face medical expenses and long-term damage. A personal injury legal claim is frequently the only way to receive adequate compensation for all that was lost.

Just bought tickets to a rock concert? Stay safe!

You might be one of many Ohio music fans who are eagerly gearing up for a rock concert featuring one of your favorite bands. With numerous popular venues throughout the state, you have your choice of popular events from which to choose at any given time. If you're a particularly avid concert-goer, you may have a scrapbook or other means for saving souvenirs from the various shows you attend.  

New EPA proposal could lead to asbestos-related illness

The number of Ohioans and people across the U.S. who became ill because of asbestos has led to a widespread regulation of the substance. Whereas it was once used for a seemingly endless number of purposes in a wide swath of public and private industries, the dangers - mesothelioma, asbestosis, cancer and pulmonary fibrosis, to name a few - resulted in it only being present when it was either found in older buildings or discovered in items where it should not have been. While it was believed to be a problem that was slowly disappearing, a new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency could make asbestos use rise again.

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