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Three construction workers injured by semi-truck

Truck accidents are prevalent in Ohio and across the United States. This is true despite attempts on the part of law enforcement and regulatory authorities to reduce the inherent risks that come with having these massive vehicles on the road. Various pressures can lead to truckers taking risks they should not take such as flouting the legal number of consecutive hours they can spend on the road, driving at excessive speeds and using various substances to remain awake and alert. Other factors can come into play with a truck accident include operating under the influence and distracted trucking. When people are involved in a semi truck crash, those who are in smaller vehicles or are not in vehicles at all can suffer severe injuries and fatalities. Having legal help to consider a lawsuit is critical.

Trucks and road workers make for a dangerous combination and this was evident in a crash that injured three workers for the Ohio Department of Transportation. The accident happened in the early morning hours at approximately 4 a.m. According to the investigation, the trucker hit two trucks for the ODOT. One truck is designed to warn other drivers by flashing a yellow sign. It is known as a "crash truck" as it is designed to withstand impact and protect those behind it. The semi hit the crash truck, sending into another truck that was carting orange cones.

There were five workers at the site when the accident happened. That includes drivers for the ODOT trucks. There were two workers walking along the road. Another was on the rear of the truck with the cones. Their workday over, the crew was picking up cones when the chain reaction accident started. The driver of the crash truck saw the semi approaching and tried to warn the driver by honking the horn. Both drivers of the construction trucks were hospitalized. A third worker went to the hospital later. The trucker received a citation. The injuries were not believed to be serious.

After a truck accident, even cases in which the injuries do not initially seem severe, there can be long-term damage that takes time to manifest itself. In some accidents, people are seriously hurt with broken bones, lacerations, head injuries, spinal cord injuries and more. Of course, there are truck crashes in which there are fatalities. After any truck accident, those who were involved must make certain they are shielded for the future. A legal filing can help with the investigation and set the stage for a lawsuit. Calling a law firm with experience in truck accidents should be done immediately.

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