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Health implications can result from dangerous medications

When a resident of Solon or anywhere throughout Ohio goes for medical treatment, there is a basic belief that the patient's interests will be paramount. However, with the commonality of medications being used to treat all issues and the desire for profit coming to the forefront often at the expense of safety, it should not come as a surprise that there are mistakes and a glaring lack of oversight with medications. These can vary depending on the situation, but one thing is certain: people can suffer severe health implications, face hefty medical expenses and even lose their lives because of a dangerous drug.

Most medications will have a list of potential side effects and drug interactions that the patient should be advised about before taking it. In some cases, the medical professionals and pharmacists fail to adequately inform the person. In others, there are dosage mistakes that end up causing damage to the person. In still others, there was a flaw with the drug itself and it needed to be recalled. Unfortunately, some will already have been made sick or died because of the errors.

There are many reasons why a medication will be recalled. That includes a health hazard, it being mislabeled, having defective packaging, being contaminated, giving the patient the wrong product entirely, improper manufacturing, and more. This is true whether it is an over-the-counter drug or one that requires a prescription. Many will trust the government with ensuring that the medications sent to market are safe. It must be remembered that this is often a matter of judgment and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a relatively limited group that might miss certain problems and allow a product to hit the market when there should at least have been a hesitation to do more research.

For those who have been made sick or lost a loved one with no clear explanation as to why it happened, it is imperative to consider the possibility that there was a mistake made with medication. Given the possibility of a worsened medical condition, consumer injury and other health implications that result from a faulty medication, a law firm should be called for help with a possible lawsuit. This also holds true for defective medical devices. Calling an experienced attorney is the first step to take to examine the case and consider filing for compensation.

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