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Four injured in dog attack

Dogs are popular pets throughout Ohio. While most people will make certain their dogs are well-trained and leashed to protect others, there are some who have dogs that can be vicious and bite unsuspecting people. The owner is responsible for the dog and can be held accountable when there is an incident in which the dog bites another person and causes injury. These injuries can range from minor to serious. In some extreme cases, a dog can kill a person. For those who have been bitten and injured by another person's dog, it is important to realize that they can file a personal injury claim against the owner to hold them accountable.

A woman was arrested and could be jailed for up to one year after four people were attacked by her dogs. The incident occurred when the two dogs attacked two men and two women. The dogs are male and a combination of bulldog-boxer. One of the people bitten needed to be hospitalized. The other three received treatment at the hospital. The woman was required to register that her dogs were vicious, but did not. The dogs were taken by the dog warden.

A dog bite can happen anywhere - near one's home, in the park, and anywhere else where dogs run free. People can suffer severe injuries when bitten by a dog. Along with the physical damage will often come emotional scarring and fear. The medical expenses from treatment for dog bites can be significant and the individual who was bitten could miss time at work and have other issues because of it. These incidents are even worse when it is a child who was bitten. For those who have been injured or had a loved one injured by a dog bite, a law firm that has experience in a wide variety of personal injury and liability cases can help.

In this incident, a woman whose dogs were labeled as vicious is facing criminal charges because of an attack on four people. With the people suffering injuries and the labeling of the dogs as vicious, the woman should be held responsible for their behavior. A law firm that has extensive experience in multiple areas of personal injury, premises liability and more can help with taking the necessary steps to file a case to be compensated.

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