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Fear of asbestos-related illness stems from asbestos in crayons

Despite Ohio residents being aware of the dangers of asbestos-related illness when handling or working with items that contain asbestos, the attempt at avoiding exposure to it is often limited by knowledge. Certainly, people who worked in fields where asbestos was widely used or lived or worked in a location where asbestos was built into the structure will know that they should keep an eye on symptoms that are linked to illnesses like mesothelioma, asbestosis and cancer among many others, but asbestos still shows up in certain products, often without the consumer being aware of it.

A recent situation showed that asbestos can crop up in everyday products. It was discovered that Playskool crayons were found to contain asbestos. A consumer group has issued a recommendation that the dollar store selling them recall the crayons to protect the public. According to the group, the chemicals can be a danger to children. The chemicals have not been completely banned and there is nothing illegal about asbestos being an ingredient in the crayons, but children being exposed to it poses an unnecessary risk. Asbestos can get into the air. When a person breathes it in, it can cause various diseases and illnesses that could cause long-term damage and even death. Since all school-age children will need school supplies and younger children will be required to have crayons, this can lead to danger of illness.

Diseases that stem from asbestos exposure can take significant time to manifest themselves and for the person to show symptoms that he or she is ill. If the person and his or her family were unaware of the presence of asbestos when they purchased or used a product, the company that manufactured it should be held accountable for any negative health consequences that result from exposure. Whether it is lung problems, cancer or any other health issue that can be traced back to asbestos, garnering proof and having legal assistance is critical to a case.

When items like crayons marketed to children, it can be a worrisome time thinking about whether that exposure could have done damage. If there is a belief that using these products sparked asbestos-related illness, it is important to contact a legal professional to discuss a case and seek compensation. This is true when any factor - work, products, a structure - leads to exposure and a person being stricken with asbestos-related illness, regardless of the cause.

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