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August 2018 Archives

Health implications can result from dangerous medications

When a resident of Solon or anywhere throughout Ohio goes for medical treatment, there is a basic belief that the patient's interests will be paramount. However, with the commonality of medications being used to treat all issues and the desire for profit coming to the forefront often at the expense of safety, it should not come as a surprise that there are mistakes and a glaring lack of oversight with medications. These can vary depending on the situation, but one thing is certain: people can suffer severe health implications, face hefty medical expenses and even lose their lives because of a dangerous drug.

Four injured in dog attack

Dogs are popular pets throughout Ohio. While most people will make certain their dogs are well-trained and leashed to protect others, there are some who have dogs that can be vicious and bite unsuspecting people. The owner is responsible for the dog and can be held accountable when there is an incident in which the dog bites another person and causes injury. These injuries can range from minor to serious. In some extreme cases, a dog can kill a person. For those who have been bitten and injured by another person's dog, it is important to realize that they can file a personal injury claim against the owner to hold them accountable.

Fear of asbestos-related illness stems from asbestos in crayons

Despite Ohio residents being aware of the dangers of asbestos-related illness when handling or working with items that contain asbestos, the attempt at avoiding exposure to it is often limited by knowledge. Certainly, people who worked in fields where asbestos was widely used or lived or worked in a location where asbestos was built into the structure will know that they should keep an eye on symptoms that are linked to illnesses like mesothelioma, asbestosis and cancer among many others, but asbestos still shows up in certain products, often without the consumer being aware of it.

Three construction workers injured by semi-truck

Truck accidents are prevalent in Ohio and across the United States. This is true despite attempts on the part of law enforcement and regulatory authorities to reduce the inherent risks that come with having these massive vehicles on the road. Various pressures can lead to truckers taking risks they should not take such as flouting the legal number of consecutive hours they can spend on the road, driving at excessive speeds and using various substances to remain awake and alert. Other factors can come into play with a truck accident include operating under the influence and distracted trucking. When people are involved in a semi truck crash, those who are in smaller vehicles or are not in vehicles at all can suffer severe injuries and fatalities. Having legal help to consider a lawsuit is critical.

United States is worst developed nation for safe childbirth

Since childbirth is such a common occurrence in Ohio and across the country, there is a misplaced belief that in the United States, it is generally safe and complications for mother and child are rare. Unfortunately, that is not accurate. In fact, according to a new investigation by USA Today, the U.S. is the riskiest developed nation in which to give birth. This information is important to new parents who saw the mother suffer an injury or die or had a child that was impacted by a birth injury, as it can be the key to filing a lawsuit to receive compensation.

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