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Woman seriously hurt in alleged failure to yield truck accident

Ohio drivers should be aware and, in some ways, fearful of large trucks when they are sharing the same roadways. Since these large trucks will inevitably cause serious injuries and death when there is a crash between a semi and a conventional vehicle, the best way to remain safe is avoidance. That, however, is not always possible especially when a trucker ignores the law and flouts traffic rules. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident with a truck, a lawsuit is often the only strategy to recover sufficient compensation to cover for the medical expenses, lost wages and more. It is critical to know how to go about filing a case.

A woman driving a Mercury Mountaineer was seriously hurt when it was hit by a semi-truck. The accident happened in the mid-afternoon at around 1:30. According to the law enforcement investigation, the woman was heading east when the truck, heading north, did not yield as it was supposed to at an intersection. It hit the Mountaineer and force the woman's vehicle into a cornfield. The men in the truck were not hurt. The woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

Despite trucks being a vital part of the economy and providing necessary services, there are inherent dangers with them when they are on the road. Truckers might operate their vehicles under the influence, ignore the amount of time they are legally allowed to stay on the road, flout traffic signals, behave recklessly and cause other risks. People who are in a truck accident will likely miss time on the job, need medical care that can be exceedingly costly and face lifelong issues. That is if they survive. A lawsuit is a way to receive compensation after a truck accident. Since truckers and their insurers might try to downplay any accident and limit what is paid, the legal filing is a strategy of protection for the injured party and the family left behind.

A woman suffered serious injuries in a crash that law enforcement has stated occurred when a semi-truck ignored a yield sign. As the investigation continues and the woman's condition is monitored, she and her family must make certain they are shielded and discuss a possible lawsuit with a lawyer experienced in helping clients after truck accidents.

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