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Ohio trucking accident kills woman after opposite lane crash

Since our state is in the middle of the US, it is common that vehicles from both coasts will go through the state. This puts many large semis traveling at a high rate of speed with drivers who are on the road for extensive periods on the road, with drivers of smaller, more conventional vehicles. Given the nature of these trucks, a crash with one can lead to injuries with medical expenses, lost time at work, the need for a long hospital stay and other problems. If the injuries are bad enough, there can be a fatality. When there is a trucking accident, those affected must remember that they have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

A truck being driven by a man from New York blew a tire and crossed the median of the road. It was heading east and went into the lanes traveling west. The semi subsequently crashed into two vehicles, a Kia Sorrento and a Chevy Cobalt. It continued, hit a guardrail and caught fire. The driver of the truck and a 13-year-old passenger were uninjured. A 53-year-old woman driving the Cobalt and a 4-year-old child were injured. The female passenger in the Cobalt, 74, died at the site of the crash. The driver of the Sorrento was not injured.

While most truck accidents are perceived to happen because the driver was speeding, operating the vehicle recklessly, under the influence, on the road for too long without a break or another violation, there can be other reasons. Some accidents happen due to a flaw or an incident with the vehicle itself. When there is a tire blowout, there can be many reasons for this and all could be vital when considering a legal filing.

In this crash, a truck blew a tire and went out of control, heading into the opposite lanes of the road. A woman was injured, another was killed and a child was hurt. Given the circumstances of this crash, an investigation is critical to gather evidence. A legal professional who has experience with truck accidents can help.

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