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July 2018 Archives

Woman seriously hurt in alleged failure to yield truck accident

Ohio drivers should be aware and, in some ways, fearful of large trucks when they are sharing the same roadways. Since these large trucks will inevitably cause serious injuries and death when there is a crash between a semi and a conventional vehicle, the best way to remain safe is avoidance. That, however, is not always possible especially when a trucker ignores the law and flouts traffic rules. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident with a truck, a lawsuit is often the only strategy to recover sufficient compensation to cover for the medical expenses, lost wages and more. It is critical to know how to go about filing a case.

Study shows misdiagnosis and other errors could be due to burnout

Ohio residents who seek treatment for an illness, condition or injury from a medical professional will do so amid the belief that there will be an accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment provided. Unfortunately, it is a reality that mistakes are made and they lead to serious injury and death. The question that is often asked is why. Studies seek to find an answer and a new survey indicates that burnout might be a major factor in medical mistakes.

Nursing home injury in VA facilities worse than private ones

Society is judged by how it treats those who need the most assistance. It is also judged on how those who served the country with military service are treated. Combine these issues, and it is twice as troubling as to how residents in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) nursing homes are cared. With the number of veterans in Ohio and across the nation who live in a nursing home, a recent analysis of statistics regarding how these people are treated has led to worrisome results. People who have a loved one living in a facility and suspect nursing home injury, mistreatment or abuse should be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Ohio trucking accident kills woman after opposite lane crash

Since our state is in the middle of the US, it is common that vehicles from both coasts will go through the state. This puts many large semis traveling at a high rate of speed with drivers who are on the road for extensive periods on the road, with drivers of smaller, more conventional vehicles. Given the nature of these trucks, a crash with one can lead to injuries with medical expenses, lost time at work, the need for a long hospital stay and other problems. If the injuries are bad enough, there can be a fatality. When there is a trucking accident, those affected must remember that they have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Struck-by accidents among the most common on construction sites

Ohio construction workers are no strangers to accidents. You may have seen many of your co-workers suffering injuries on the job, and perhaps you have gone for stitches or X-rays more than once in your career. However often you and your co-workers laugh off an injury, you know the hazards of your job. In fact, there are aspects of construction work that make it one of the most dangerous occupations.

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