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May 2018 Archives

Statistics show truck accidents on the rise

Ohio drivers are typically not thinking about accident statistics and potential dangers they might face when they grab their keys and head out on the road. However, they should take some time to be aware of the dangers they may face. In particular, they should be cautious around large trucks and buses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently released data related to truck crashes and the results show a worrisome increase in recent years.

Truck accident study: speeding linked to other risky behaviors

Trucks are a constant on Ohio roadways. Most truckers operate their vehicles safely and professionally and make certain they are adhering to the law. However, there are some drivers who take part in risky behaviors behind the wheel. Studies are done to examine accidents, why they happen, and how they can be prevented. For people who have been injured in a truck accident or lost a loved one after a truck crash, this research can be beneficial when filing a lawsuit.

Study shows mistakes prevalent in cleaning medical equipment

Ohioans who receive medical treatment place their trust in medical professionals to ensure that the environment is completely safe. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and people suffer worsened medical conditions and sometimes even die because of errors or negligence. Patients may not often think about the basics of safe medical treatment, but, as a new study shows, cleanliness and safety are often absent.

Truck accident believed to have been caused by trucker tailgating

Drivers of conventional vehicles in Ohio might be intimidated when they see large trucks sharing the road with them. These vehicles are big, travel at high rates of speed and, sometimes, the drivers are reckless and negligent as they try to get to their destination as quickly as possible. When there is a crash between a smaller vehicle and a large truck, the aftermath can be terrible for those in the smaller vehicle.

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