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Passenger vehicle and tractor-trailer crash injures 2 in Ohio

Since Ohio is centrally located in the U.S., there are a significant number of large tractor-trailers that travel through the state. These vehicles travel at significant speeds, and their size makes them dangerous to people in smaller vehicles and even those who are also driving tractor-trailers. When there is a tractor-trailer crash, there can be major injuries and fatalities. Those who have been involved in truck accidents must remember that they have the right to seek compensation for what they have lost.

Two people suffered injuries in a crash between two semi-trucks and a passenger car. The passenger vehicle ended up under the trailer of one truck. It was not clear who was at fault in the accident. The initial investigation shows that one semi-truck was merging onto the interstate when it hit the second semi-truck and the passenger vehicle. There was a jackknife of one semi while the other rolled. The driver of one of the semis and the driver of the car were injured.

Semi-trucks are an integral part of the landscape across the U.S. They bring products to their destination and provide jobs to drivers and other workers involved with the transport industry. However, their importance does not diminish their danger when on the road.

If there is an accident, it could be due to a truck driver who is under the influence, operating the vehicle recklessly, speeding, driving drowsy, or for many more reasons. People who are in smaller vehicles are vulnerable to severe injuries and death if they are hit by a semi-truck. There can be vast medical expenses, lost wages and long-term issues. There could even be fatalities. A legal filing is essential to investigate the case and take the necessary steps to pursue compensation.

Source:, "2 injured in wreck of semitrailers and car on I-75 North in Warren County," March 28, 2018

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