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How can you measure the true cost of accident-related blindness?

The eye is one of the most complex parts of the human body. It is a major gateway between you and the world around you. Unfortunately, the eye is also extremely fragile and difficult to heal.

If you suffer an accident that somehow damages your eyesight, you would probably be terrified that the damage is permanent. Although some injuries can heal with time and medical care, many can have lifelong effects.

Accidents that may cause vision loss

There are many types of trauma and events that can lead to vision loss, including:

  • Exposure to strong chemicals
  • Shrapnel or small airborne fragments such as sawdust
  • Auto crashes, especially rear-end collisions
  • Animal attacks
  • Medication and surgery errors

While many of these accidents may hurt the eye itself, others might hurt the part of the brain that processes vision. The back of the brain, known as the occipital lobe, is responsible for managing visual information. If a person suffers a strong force, such as in a crash, this lobe may hit the back of the skull and result in blindness.

Vision injuries are serious

Loss of sight can alter a person’s entire future; it may hurt their ability to work as usual or to see their loved one’s face. Accident-related blindness often has a profound emotional impact on the victim. On top of fear and sense of loss, they may also have expensive surgery and imaging test bills to pay. If they are no longer able to work, they may miss thousands of dollars in potential income. Eye and brain damage is usually among the most critical types of injuries.

Unfortunately, these injuries and accidents could be the fault of someone else, such as a surgeon or another driver. However, Ohio residents can still exercise caution when possible. Always wear protective eye gear in potentially dangerous areas like labs or construction sites. If an object or irritating substance comes into contact with your eye, avoid rubbing it and immediately flush the eyeball’s surface with water.

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