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Anecdotal evidence shows danger of distracted truck drivers

Distracted driving is a growing problem in Ohio and across the nation. Research has shown this to be the case, so, too, has anecdotal evidence from those on the front lines trying to put a stop to it and keep drivers safe: law enforcement. Compounding this problem is the reality that a distracted truck driver operates a vehicle that is large, travels at a high rate of speed and can do substantial damage to a smaller vehicle and those in it. After a truck accident, it is important to know whether the driver was distracted, as this can be essential to a legal filing.

A deputy in Lake County stated that when he was heading to the job in an unmarked vehicle, everyone he passed was using a cellphone. The deputy says that the efforts of reducing the frequency of texting and driving and other distracting behaviors behind the wheel has shown little effectiveness. He believes that around 70 percent of drivers are operating their vehicles while distracted.

In 2017, distracted driving was a factor in 51 fatal accidents in the state. That is nearly twice the number from 2016. It is not just limited to cellphone use. One incident involved a semi-truck that crashed into another automobile; the truck driver confessed that he was looking for an item in the truck's cup holder and took his eyes off the road.

For people who have been involved in a crash with a truck, the aftermath can be life-changing. Victims can be confronted with massive medical expenses, lost wages, the need for extensive hospitalization, surgical procedures and even loss of life. The investigation into the accident can determine if a distracted truck driver was involved, which can be vital. A lawyer who understands the process of seeking compensation after truck accidents is crucial to a case.

Source:, "Distracted driving remains a major concern, officials say," Tawana Roberts, March 25, 2018

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