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A distracted truck driver can be risky on the road

Trucks are a common sight on Ohio roads and are an accepted part of the landscape. However, these vehicles are large, travel great distances and often move at significant speeds. In addition to the dangers they present in general, the behaviors of the driver can make them even more of a threat. Ordinarily, this involves speeding, going beyond the legal time limits for being on the road, using drugs or drinking, and other risky behaviors. Specifically, a distracted truck driver can cause a trucking accident and lead to injuries and fatalities. With April being designated "Distracted Driving Awareness" month, the issue of distracted truckers is something to think about when on the road with trucks.

According to the National Safety Council, there were more than 40,000 deaths on U.S. roadways in 2017. This is the second consecutive year in which the number surpassed 40,000. Other research from Cambridge Mobile Telematics shows that drivers were distracted in 36 percent of their trips in the past six months. This came from analyzing 65 million vehicle trips. It is believed to be due to the increased use of smartphones. Professional truckers are also affected by the rising use of devices.

Although truckers are statistically safer than other drivers, with a 29 percent lower rate of accidents than other vehicles, distracted driving is a growing problem. If a truck driver has been in one truck accident, that driver is 94 percent more likely to be distracted by talking on a cellphone and 85 percent more likely to text and drive or dial their phone while driving than drivers who have not been in a crash.

Distracted driving adds a new risk to truck drivers. People who are in an accident with a truck driver should be aware of the medical expenses, lost time at work, long-term issues and other problems that can come about. A lawsuit can help to cover some of these costs. A lawyer who understands how to investigate and pursue claims after truck accidents can help.

Source:, "Core Group of Distracted Drivers Reduces Road Safety," Burney Simpson, April 17, 2018

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