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April 2018 Archives

A distracted truck driver can be risky on the road

Trucks are a common sight on Ohio roads and are an accepted part of the landscape. However, these vehicles are large, travel great distances and often move at significant speeds. In addition to the dangers they present in general, the behaviors of the driver can make them even more of a threat. Ordinarily, this involves speeding, going beyond the legal time limits for being on the road, using drugs or drinking, and other risky behaviors. Specifically, a distracted truck driver can cause a trucking accident and lead to injuries and fatalities. With April being designated "Distracted Driving Awareness" month, the issue of distracted truckers is something to think about when on the road with trucks.

After asbestos-related illness, a lawyer can help

The mere mention of the words "asbestos exposure" in Ohio can spark fear for a person and their loved ones. Asbestos was once prominently used for a variety of purposes before it was known to be dangerous. Since it is heat and fire-resistant, it was thought to be of great benefit in construction, manufacturing, mining and more. For people who have become ill or lost a loved one because of asbestos, it is important to understand how to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

Passenger vehicle and tractor-trailer crash injures 2 in Ohio

Since Ohio is centrally located in the U.S., there are a significant number of large tractor-trailers that travel through the state. These vehicles travel at significant speeds, and their size makes them dangerous to people in smaller vehicles and even those who are also driving tractor-trailers. When there is a tractor-trailer crash, there can be major injuries and fatalities. Those who have been involved in truck accidents must remember that they have the right to seek compensation for what they have lost.

Anecdotal evidence shows danger of distracted truck drivers

Distracted driving is a growing problem in Ohio and across the nation. Research has shown this to be the case, so, too, has anecdotal evidence from those on the front lines trying to put a stop to it and keep drivers safe: law enforcement. Compounding this problem is the reality that a distracted truck driver operates a vehicle that is large, travels at a high rate of speed and can do substantial damage to a smaller vehicle and those in it. After a truck accident, it is important to know whether the driver was distracted, as this can be essential to a legal filing.

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