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Shelving of proposed regulations could increase truck accidents

Ohio residents are keenly aware of the number of trucks that are on the road in the state. Trucks are part of the landscape and provide great benefit by delivering goods and giving truckers an honest living. There is no denying, however, that these vehicles can be dangerous. Their speed and size can result in significant damage when there is a crash. Regulatory agencies are constantly seeking ways to make the road safer for truckers and those who share the road with them. However, that requires the implementation of new rules and many rules have been eliminated in the first year of the new president's administration.

A dozen rules that were being developed or were already in place have been delayed, withdrawn or repealed during President Trump's first year. Some of these rules were created in response to accidents that had already happened. It is believed that the president's goal is to reduce regulations and free companies to earn and hire. But, the ancillary cost is that rules that were intended to get truckers to slow down and check for sleep apnea in operators has been put on the back burner.

A rule that the Department of Transportation proposed two years ago required heavy trucks to have speed limitations automatically installed on new vehicles. This would prevent the truck from going beyond a certain speed. The actual speed was not determined, but it is believed to have been somewhere between 60 and 68 mph. The rule has not been eliminated, but it is not being prioritized despite research showing that nearly 500 people per year would be saved if it were implemented.

This information might not seem important at face value, but, when there is a tractor-trailer crash, there can be severe injuries, loss of life and all the accompanying problems for the victim and their family. A truck accident must be investigated fully to determine its cause. With the intentional reduction of various rules to make the roads safer, it is inevitable that there will be truck accidents with injuries and deaths. Those who have been affected should remember their right to seek compensation and contact an experienced attorney to take the next step toward filing a lawsuit.

Source:, "Trump's deregulation push may be hurting new safety rules," Feb. 26, 2018

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