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Medical device recall targets defibrillators

Ohioans who are experiencing medical issues and need a device to make certain they can survive must keep a close eye on when a medical device recall is issued. Defective medical devices can be dangerous, and it is a vital part of consumer protection for people to be warned and have the option of considering a legal case if they have been harmed. This is especially dangerous when it is an implantable device that does not work correctly. People who have been injured or lost a loved one might not even realize that it was because the medical device was defective.

Forty-eight defibrillators were recalled by Medtronic because the implantable and cardiac resynchronization devices did not give the shock needed to keep the person's heartbeat at its proper pace and did not revive those who went into cardiac arrest. The announcement was made by the Food and Drug Administration. These devices are comparable to pacemakers and assist the heart in beating in a regular rhythm. They are also designed to prevent the person from dying if they go into cardiac arrest. The FDA states that the failure of these devices could lead to injury or death.

These devices are powered by batteries that are under the recipient's skin. There are wires that connect the device to the heart to track the heart rate. When there is an abnormality in the heart rhythm, the device detects it and give an electric shock to the heart, so the rhythm can be restored. A gas mixture issue in the device prevented it from working as intended. Healthcare professionals and patients are being told to inform the FDA if they have any problems with these devices.

Recalls are initiated because of a dangerous product on the market. When that product is implanted inside a human being to help them stay alive, it is far more dangerous than other products that are recalled. There could be many reasons why these mistakes are made. Perhaps the company rushed the product to market. It could have been a problem with a piece of the device that was unknown before. Regardless, a company that makes a defective medical device places people at risk of health implications and death. Those who were affected should be aware of the danger they are in, and, if there were injuries or death, contact a legal professional experienced in filing cases related to defective devices to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Source:, "Medtronic recalls faulty implanted cardiac defibrillators," Allen Cone, Feb. 27, 2018

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