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March 2018 Archives

System used in brain surgery part of medical device recall

Ohioans who are receiving treatment from a medical professional will undoubtedly understand that they are placing their lives in the hands of the doctor and their staff. An understated concern when being treated for any issue is the possibility that defective medical devices are being used. Some of these devices place people at risk of serious injury and death. When there has been a medical device recall and a patient might have been injured before the recall, this could be the basis for a lawsuit to recover compensation.

What should I know about negligence in a personal injury case?

When there is an accident on someone else's property due to hazardous conditions and a person suffers injuries because of it, this could be the foundation for a lawsuit. However, it is important to show negligence on the part of the property owner. This might not be as simple as it sounds, and legal help is essential when considering a legal filing to recover compensation.

Shelving of proposed regulations could increase truck accidents

Ohio residents are keenly aware of the number of trucks that are on the road in the state. Trucks are part of the landscape and provide great benefit by delivering goods and giving truckers an honest living. There is no denying, however, that these vehicles can be dangerous. Their speed and size can result in significant damage when there is a crash. Regulatory agencies are constantly seeking ways to make the road safer for truckers and those who share the road with them. However, that requires the implementation of new rules and many rules have been eliminated in the first year of the new president's administration.

Can a seat belt actually cause injury in an accident?

There’s been a huge push across the nation to raise public awareness about the safety benefits of wearing a seat belt whenever you’re in a moving vehicle. In 2015, seat belt use saved nearly 14,000 lives in motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Medical device recall targets defibrillators

Ohioans who are experiencing medical issues and need a device to make certain they can survive must keep a close eye on when a medical device recall is issued. Defective medical devices can be dangerous, and it is a vital part of consumer protection for people to be warned and have the option of considering a legal case if they have been harmed. This is especially dangerous when it is an implantable device that does not work correctly. People who have been injured or lost a loved one might not even realize that it was because the medical device was defective.

Man injured when semi crashes into house

While Ohio residents know the dangers of trucks on the road, they probably do not think that a large truck could be a danger to them when they are in their homes. However, these vehicles are increasingly placing people at risk no matter where they are. This goes beyond highways and well-traveled streets and into locations where trucks place more people at risk. Given the size of these vehicles and the issues that truckers often have using intoxicants, driving while distracted and committing other illegal and dangerous acts, truck accidents can cause major injuries, significant property damage and death. A legal filing is often needed to be compensated for all that was lost.

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