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Negligence at nursing home believed to have led to woman's death

People who place a loved one in an Ohio nursing home do so to provide them with care they cannot receive at home. The goal is to ensure they are safe, protected and receive all the medical treatment and oversight necessary. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that nursing home injury and mistreatment happens frequently. Whether it is a medical mistake leading to a claim of medical malpractice or a failure on the part of the facility to adequately monitor the resident, these errors can lead to significant injuries, illnesses and death. A legal professional will know how to investigate a mistake in a nursing home to pursue compensation.

A woman with dementia died after she left her nursing home and was outside in the freezing cold. Staff did not realize she was gone for approximately eight hours. When she was found, she had hypothermia and had died one to two hours after walking out. The woman, 76, is said to have told a nurse's aide that she was going home and walked into the facility's courtyard. She was wearing a monitor that is meant to activate alarms, but it failed to do so. Checks are supposed to be done to make certain that the residents are in their rooms. One was marked as having been completed, but the checks were not done.

When she was found, she was located approximately 30 feet from the facility's doors. An investigation is being conducted to determine how the woman could walk outside with no one knowing and why no one realized she had left. Four workers were put on leave. The owner of the facility stated that they no longer work there. The devices that are meant to sound alarms not just when a patient goes outside, but when they are wandering around the building failed. The investigation is continuing.

When there is a mistake or alleged negligence leading to nursing home injury and death, those who have been affected have the right to a full investigation. The victim and their family may wish to pursue a lawsuit to recover compensation for the losses they have suffered. If you have questions regarding a potential case, you may wish to contact an attorney.

Source: USA Today, "Woman was outside nursing home 8 hours before dying in cold," Jan. 24, 2018

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