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Asbestos-related illness fears sparked by discovery at rec center

In Ohio and across the U.S., asbestos is a substance that was used for a variety of purposes. Many years ago, it was not viewed as a dangerous substance. Eventually, it was found to be linked to various illnesses and conditions that can lead to death. Once it was found to be a dangerous substance, those who were still exposed to it and developed an asbestos-related illness, whether as workers or due to unfortunate circumstances of simply being near it, must remember that they and their families have the right to seek compensation. Asbestos can show up anywhere and those who face its exposure must know the dangers involved.

A recreation center was found to have a small amount of building material that contains asbestos. The substance, vermiculite, is used for insulation as well as for other purposes. The recreation center has many different amenities targeting people of all ages with swimming, sports, various fields and other attractions. After the asbestos was discovered, the building was closed. Tests will be done to see exactly how extensive the asbestos exposure is in the building. The recreation commission stated that it is investigating the situation. The programs offered at the rec center have been moved to other locations.

Since asbestos can lead to asbestos-related illness, any exposure to it should be taken seriously. People exposed to it have been diagnosed with asbestosis, cancer, pleural plaques and other problems. Often, these issues are related to long-term exposure to the substance, but people who were unaware of its presence in a building or other location might have been exposed and not even known about it. This is dangerous and should be considered if there are ongoing health issues that have no logical explanation and might be related to asbestos.

Asbestos-related illnesses can take many years to appear. If there is an illness, a legal professional can provide advice when one is considering a lawsuit. Because asbestos litigation can be complicated, it is essential to have assistance from a legal professional who is experienced in pursuing claims because of it.

Source:, "Sayler Park Rec Center closed due to discovery of asbestos," Feb. 6, 2018

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