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February 2018 Archives

Asbestos-related illness fears sparked by discovery at rec center

In Ohio and across the U.S., asbestos is a substance that was used for a variety of purposes. Many years ago, it was not viewed as a dangerous substance. Eventually, it was found to be linked to various illnesses and conditions that can lead to death. Once it was found to be a dangerous substance, those who were still exposed to it and developed an asbestos-related illness, whether as workers or due to unfortunate circumstances of simply being near it, must remember that they and their families have the right to seek compensation. Asbestos can show up anywhere and those who face its exposure must know the dangers involved.

Study finds driver fatigue is a major factor in crashes

While truck drivers who might be operating their vehicles under the influence, are distracted, or are reckless pose a substantial threat, new research is showing that drowsy drivers are a bigger problem than was previously thought. With trucks, this is a known worry because of the time they spend on the road.

Worker placing cones on road hurt in Ohio truck accident

With Ohio being centrally located, many semi-trucks will pass through the state. This makes it unavoidable that there will be crashes. These truck accidents can cause damage and injuries to those involved. Some of these crashes might not cause injuries when they first happen, but as the situation is investigated, accounted for and cleaned up, other accidents and injuries may result. Regardless of how they were hurt, those who were injured in a truck accident must know how to seek compensation in a legal filing and how to go about pursuing it.

Negligence at nursing home believed to have led to woman's death

People who place a loved one in an Ohio nursing home do so to provide them with care they cannot receive at home. The goal is to ensure they are safe, protected and receive all the medical treatment and oversight necessary. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that nursing home injury and mistreatment happens frequently. Whether it is a medical mistake leading to a claim of medical malpractice or a failure on the part of the facility to adequately monitor the resident, these errors can lead to significant injuries, illnesses and death. A legal professional will know how to investigate a mistake in a nursing home to pursue compensation.

The ‘lake effect’ is for real

If you are a weather watcher, you know all about the lake effect. It’s the phenomenon of heavy snowfall caused by snow clouds passing over water that is warmer than the surrounding air.

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