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Medical malpractice alleged after scalpel left inside veteran

Medical errors can be egregious for anyone in Ohio, but it is especially glaring when those who have served the nation by joining the military are subjected to these mistakes. It is relatively well-known that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been facing allegations of problems with the medical treatment it provides to veterans, but some of the cases are shocking and can cause significant damage and death to those who have faced them. When there is a belief that medical malpractice has caused injuries or fatalities, those who have been harmed have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

A U.S. Army veteran is pursuing a lawsuit against the VA after a piece of surgical equipment was left in his body from a surgery in 2013 that was performed in a Connecticut hospital. In 2017, he was suffering from dizzy spells and abdominal issues and was given an X-ray to determine the cause. A scalpel was found inside the man's body.

People who have placed their lives on the line to defend and serve the country should expect to be treated appropriately when they seek medical care from the VA. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly common that the medical professionals for the VA make a litany of mistakes that can cause injuries and death to patients.

Regardless of the error that was made, whether it was a misdiagnosis, the failure to provide proper care, a surgical mistake, or the egregious error of leaving a piece of surgical equipment inside the patient after the surgery is completed, it is imperative to have a lawyer who understands how to proceed with a lawsuit against the U.S. government and the VA.

Source: ABC News, "Army vet sues VA over scalpel left in body after surgery," Jan. 15, 2018

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