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Man faces hospitalization and medical expenses after dog attack

Dogs are considered "man's best friend" and, in Ohio, many families with dogs as pets will treat the animal like it is a member of their family. However, there are times when dogs are not properly trained, are mistreated, or are naturally vicious. People who are attacked by dogs can face severe injuries and even death. Premises liability can be a complicated matter and those who are attacked by dogs should make certain they understand their right to be compensated if they are injured or lose a loved one in a dog attack.

An 18-year-old man who was out walking his dog was severely injured when he was attacked by two pit bulls. At the time of the attack, the man was trying to protect his own dog from being attacked by the pit bulls. Witnesses called emergency services because they believed that the man's life was in danger. When emergency personnel arrived, the man was taken to the hospital. His injuries were reported as serious, but not life-threatening. His dog fled during the attack and has not yet been found. The pit bulls were euthanized. It is still being investigated who owns the dogs and why they were running free.

Owners are responsible for their dogs. While dogs are domesticated animals, there is always the possibility that an attack will take place. This can be difficult for dog lovers to accept, especially if they have dogs of their own, but it is reality. Since these animals can be aggressive and certain breeds are able to kill with the sheer viciousness and strength of their bite, it is not a small matter when there is a dog attack. There can be massive medical expenses, lost wages and even lifelong problems, both physical and psychological, due to a dog attack.

It is vital to remember that liability can be imposed against people who do not properly restrain their dogs. If you have been injured by someone else's dog, you may wish to consider contacting an attorney to discover whether you can obtain compensation from them for the attack.

Source:, "Dayton teen remains hospitalized after pit bulls attack him," Jan. 1, 2018

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