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Asbestos-related lawsuit begins

Asbestos was once a widely-used substance that was viewed as a key ingredient and material for a variety of different industries and projects. As time passed and its dangers became known, it was phased out. That, however, has not protected people who were inadvertently exposed to it while working or even when they were using various household products that had asbestos as an ingredient. Now, as some are becoming ill with asbestos-related illnesses, lawsuits are being filed against companies that used asbestos even after it was known that it was dangerous. Ohio residents who might have been exposed should keep a close eye on these cases.

A man in New Jersey who received a diagnosis of mesothelioma has filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson because of the presence of asbestos in its talcum powder products. The man asserts that he was exposed to the talcum powder and it was sold and marketed by the company. He says dust from the talcum powder exposed him to asbestos fibers and caused him to develop mesothelioma.

The company is accused of failing to inform consumers that inhaling asbestos fibers could cause illness and death and did not give information about the risks involved with it. The company had settled a previous case regarding asbestos in its products and is facing many more lawsuits. Other companies that provided talcum powder with asbestos are also confronted with legal filings.

While workers in specific industries - miners, firefighters, steel workers, auto mechanics and other jobs in a similar vein - were perceived to be at the highest risk for asbestos-related illness, more and more people are finding they were exposed to the substance. It could have been part of the building materials in their home or their workplace; they might have used a product that had asbestos as an ingredient; or they could have been exposed to it in another way.

There are many different illnesses that can result from asbestos exposure including mesothelioma, asbestosis, other cancers and lung diseases. Companies might have used asbestos and either failed to remove it from their products or failed to tell the public that there could be a danger when exposed to it. For people who became ill after using J&J talcum powder or other products that had asbestos as an ingredient, a lawsuit could be the only method to achieve justice and be compensated. A lawyer experienced in helping clients with asbestos-related illness cases can help.

Source:, "J&J talc trial to begin in New Brunswick," Dave Schatz, Jan. 21, 2018

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