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January 2018 Archives

Asbestos-related lawsuit begins

Asbestos was once a widely-used substance that was viewed as a key ingredient and material for a variety of different industries and projects. As time passed and its dangers became known, it was phased out. That, however, has not protected people who were inadvertently exposed to it while working or even when they were using various household products that had asbestos as an ingredient. Now, as some are becoming ill with asbestos-related illnesses, lawsuits are being filed against companies that used asbestos even after it was known that it was dangerous. Ohio residents who might have been exposed should keep a close eye on these cases.

Medical malpractice alleged after scalpel left inside veteran

Medical errors can be egregious for anyone in Ohio, but it is especially glaring when those who have served the nation by joining the military are subjected to these mistakes. It is relatively well-known that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been facing allegations of problems with the medical treatment it provides to veterans, but some of the cases are shocking and can cause significant damage and death to those who have faced them. When there is a belief that medical malpractice has caused injuries or fatalities, those who have been harmed have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Ohio firefighters at high risk for asbestos-related illness

First responders in Ohio face inherent dangers due to the nature of the job. One issue that should not arise, however, is the risk of developing various diseases, including an asbestos-related illness, because of not having the proper safety equipment. Such is the case for firefighters in the state. Research indicates that the cancer rates for firefighters is much higher than the general population. With that, areas of the state are formulating strategies to reduce the incidence of the disease by providing equipment and implementing protocols.

Man faces hospitalization and medical expenses after dog attack

Dogs are considered "man's best friend" and, in Ohio, many families with dogs as pets will treat the animal like it is a member of their family. However, there are times when dogs are not properly trained, are mistreated, or are naturally vicious. People who are attacked by dogs can face severe injuries and even death. Premises liability can be a complicated matter and those who are attacked by dogs should make certain they understand their right to be compensated if they are injured or lose a loved one in a dog attack.

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