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December 2017 Archives

Makeup with asbestos sparks fear

For Ohio residents who are concerned about exposure to asbestos and the illnesses that can accompany it, it is often viewed as a risk to people who worked in a situation where it was prominently used. In general, asbestos is not used for the same purposes it once was because of the known dangers that it poses to those who are exposed to it. However, there are instances when it might appear. There could be a building that had asbestos and the fibers enter the air if the building is torn down. It might be present without anyone knowing about it. When it is present in a product that is sold to the public, it can be a major risk and people will not be aware that they are exposed to it and the accompanying asbestos-related illness.

Health implications could come from new FDA proposal for devices

For residents of Ohio who need medical assistance with a medical device, the possibility that they will be caught up in an issue with defective medical devices should always be in the back of their minds. While these devices are used to help people, that does not mean they are foolproof. A strategy that manufacturers, regulatory agencies and medical professionals use is testing and research. However, a new tack being taken by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could serve to put people at risk due to the lack of information for newer devices.

Semi truck crash with school bus causes injuries

Ohio parents who place their children on a school bus will never expect to receive a call that there was an accident with injuries. However, the danger of a crash happening is very real. These accidents can cause severe injuries and lead to long-term problems for those who have been involved. Even more dangerous is when there are truck accidents with a school bus. People who have been involved in any accident with a truck must make certain that they protect their interests by considering a legal filing.

What should I know about asbestosis?

Since such a great number of Ohioans worked in jobs where asbestos might have been present before it was widely reported as dangerous and a cause of asbestos-related illness, there is great fear for these people and their families. Understanding what asbestos-related illness can arise from exposure to asbestos is important. Knowing what the risk factors are, who is vulnerable, and what the complications are is key. One disease that is prevalent after exposure to asbestos is asbestosis.

Truck and other transport accident statistics show rise in deaths

People in Ohio will be accustomed to seeing trucks on the road year-round. These and other vehicles that are used to transport people and goods are expected to be safe and get to their appointed destinations without incident. However, it is unfortunate that road accidents are a part of life whether it is a truck accident, a car accident, a railroad accident or even an aviation and boat accident. People who are injured and lose a loved one in any kind of accident should know about the various statistics of these incidents as it can be an important part of a legal filing seeking compensation.

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