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Woman confronted with misdiagnosis still has medical bills

If an Ohio resident has a medical issue and goes for treatment, the expectation is that the medical professionals will assess the situation, conduct tests, come to an accurate diagnosis, and begin treatment. However, if there are mistakes, that can lead to the person not getting the proper treatment or getting treatment that was not necessary. Both can be viewed as forms of medical malpractice. A legal filing can be initiated if there was a mistake.

A woman who had been told she was suffering from ovarian cancer was treated with more than four months of chemotherapy. She had significant changes to her appearance including a loss of hair and discoloration of her fingernails. However, when the doctors conducted tests to see if the treatment was effective on her tumor, they found that she did not have ovarian cancer, but gastrointestinal cancer, also referred to as GIST. This type of cancer is treatable with a prescription. The woman will need to take the pill for three years to treat the disease. While this is an overall positive, there is still the reality that the doctors made a mistake in her diagnosis and treatment. Compounding the issue is that she is still receiving bills for the treatments that she did not need. A portion was written off, but she still owes for the treatment. She is hoping the bills will be written off completely because of the mistakes.

Doctors and other medical professionals can make a litany of errors when they are treating patients. Some can cause significant damage and lead to death. Others might not have long lasting ramifications, but do have a negative impact on a person's life. No matter the situation, when going for medical treatment, it is reasonable to believe that the staff will do their jobs and make certain that their diagnosis is accurate before and during treatment. If there is an error and the person is harmed personally of financially because of it, it could be the basis for a legal filing to be compensated.

In this case, the woman was given a treatment for a cancer she did not have. The actual cancer was one in which it could be treated with a pill and she did not have to have chemotherapy. Since she was misdiagnosed and received treatment she did not need, she might have the right to be compensated not just for the costs of the treatment, but for what she went through. A legal professional experienced in medical claims can be of assistance.

Source:, "Woman treated for cancer she didn't have; hospital wants her to pay," Terri Sullivan, Nov. 7, 2017

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