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November 2017 Archives

The importance of legal assistance after an Ohio truck accident

Trucks are a familiar sight on the roads in Ohio and they perform an invaluable service. These vehicles transport goods across the country and provide jobs. Their presence is particularly notable during the holiday season when more items are sent and received. For all the benefits that come from these large vehicles, there are also inherent dangers associated with them. A truck accident, especially when it involves a conventionally sized vehicle, can lead to massive medical expenses, lost time at work for the victim, and even death. Often, a legal filing is the only alternative to be compensated after a truck crash.

Woman confronted with misdiagnosis still has medical bills

If an Ohio resident has a medical issue and goes for treatment, the expectation is that the medical professionals will assess the situation, conduct tests, come to an accurate diagnosis, and begin treatment. However, if there are mistakes, that can lead to the person not getting the proper treatment or getting treatment that was not necessary. Both can be viewed as forms of medical malpractice. A legal filing can be initiated if there was a mistake.

EpiPen Failures Linked To Seven Deaths

EpiPens are a staple in school nurse rooms, the purses and pockets of concerned parents, and anywhere where those who have life-threatening allergies can access them. Even though the drug, an injectable form of hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), has long been used to treat severe—and even deadly—allergic reactions, the company behind it has come under fire recently, as the device has reportedly failed to deploy appropriately.

Understanding mesothelioma and how it impacts workers

As previous posts discussed, lung disease could be related to the workplace environment. This is an unexpected circumstance, causing many Ohio workers to suffer a serious health condition. In some cases, it is not apparent that an employee is faced with a dangerous work condition. Even if a certain industry, such as mining, is known for the possible risk of inhaling dangerous particles, the aftermath of this situation tends to take several years or even decades. Thus, even when specialized safety equipment is used, a worker could unexpectedly suffer a lung disease due to their interaction with asbestos or other harmful particles.

Take action after a diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness

We have all heard of asbestos. While it has been used in construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding and mining for it heat and fire resistant properties, it is also known for the health risks that is poses. Exposure to asbestos in the workplace, community and in homes could have grave results. Asbestos-related illnesses could be cancerous, causing a victim to endure much pain and suffering.

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