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Holding a negligent property owner accountable for injuries

When you enter the property of another, you are under the impression that the property is safe. In other words, it is very reasonable to expect that you are free from harm upon entry. Unfortunately, hidden dangers can exist as well as negligent property owners. This can make it difficult to spot dangerous conditions on a private, public or government property.

Thus, when you suffer an injury because of a slippery surface, damaged flooring, broken stairs or railings or any other hazardous condition, it can be a shocking event. It is not only unexpected, but if it occurred in public, it is also likely to be an embarrassing event. Emotions and mental impression aside, the reality is that when an individual is harmed because of a fall on the property of another, he or she is likely to suffer serious injuries.

Whether it is a broken bone, head wound, cuts or bumps and bruises, these could cause a victim much pain and suffering. Therefore, he or she will want to take action to hold a negligent property owner accountable for the injuries they caused the patron or visitor. When holding a property owner liable for te injuries of a visitor, four factors are looked at. First is the circumstance that the visitor entered the property in question. Second is the usage of the property. Next is the foreseeability of the accident or injury occurring on that property. The final factor is the reasonableness of the property owner's effort to repair a dangerous condition or warn visitors of the condition.

If an injured visitor or patron can prove that a property owner is liable through a premises liability claim, this not only holds that property owner accountable for the injuries but also helps with the recovery of compensation. This financial award could help offset damages and losses such as medical bills, pain and suffering, future medical care, rehabilitation and lost wages.

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