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October 2017 Archives

How can doctors' misimpressions result in misdiagnoses?

The diagnosis process begins as soon as a patient steps in the door of the emergency room or clinic. From their very first interaction, medical professionals are taking note of this interaction, detailing their impressions and suspicions. While this is human nature to be swayed by social interactions, this could lead to deadly mistakes when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in Ohio and elsewhere.

Protecting our vulnerable elderly

Guardianships were established in part to protect the vulnerable elderly as they reach an age where they are no longer able to make sound decisions on their own. In a similar vein, nursing homes exist to provide that care and attention to those same elderly people who-whether by circumstance or desire-are seeking to live out their remaining years with dignity and peace of mind.

Holding a negligent property owner accountable for injuries

When you enter the property of another, you are under the impression that the property is safe. In other words, it is very reasonable to expect that you are free from harm upon entry. Unfortunately, hidden dangers can exist as well as negligent property owners. This can make it difficult to spot dangerous conditions on a private, public or government property.

When is a mistake in surgery grounds for a lawsuit?

In the process of treating a patient and providing medical care, mistakes can happen. Some mistakes made by doctors and nurses present minor inconveniences and only require minimal intervention, but there are times that a medical error comes at a great physical—and later, emotional and financial—cost to a patient. This often happen during surgery, when patients are at their most vulnerable.

Two seriously injured in a truck crash

Today, it is difficult to travel on any road without encountering a large commercial truck at some point. Therefore, motorists in Ohio and elsewhere are very aware of the presence of semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks on the roadways. While it is commonplace to share the road with these large vehicles, this does not mean it is always a comfortable experience. When a truck gets involved in a collision, it is likely to generate a large accident site with serious injuries and even fatalities.

Attorney Steven M. Goldberg earns Best Lawyers® recognition

When things go wrong, we all want someone we can trust and rely on. For example, if you sought medical treatment and ended worse-off because of medical negligence, or a dangerous drug or medical device, you would need someone to turn to who could hold the right parties accountable.

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