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Doctors make mistakes because symptoms are similar

You are tired of feeling sick, and you go to the doctor. You have high hopes, but then the doctor seems perplexed. Before you know it, the appointment is over.

You don't have the answers you were seeking. You try the treatment the doctor suggested, and it doesn't work. Later, after seeing 10 more medical professionals, you find out that it was a misdiagnosis. That doctor was simply wrong.

What happened?

A lot of things may have happened, but there are two crucial things to consider. First and foremost, many symptoms are similar across a wide range of issues, and they may not tell the doctor as much as you think. For instance, four of the most common ones are trouble sleeping, fatigue, dizziness and pain. Any of them could point to a multitude of issues.

Additionally, appointments may be too short. They often run just 30 minutes, or perhaps 60 minutes if it's your first time there. When the doctor can't figure the problem out quickly, he or she may just go with a best guess.

Remember, other patients are waiting. The doctor doesn't want to shrug and send you home with nothing. But does that mean you're really getting the best possible care, the care that you deserve?

Mistakes made by doctors, especially when they lead to a wrong diagnosis, can be frustrating and dangerous. Some errors allow diseases to progress unchecked, and they could even turn fatal.

If this happens for any reason, it is critical that you know what rights you have, whether you lost a loved one or suffered any sort of harm and financial damages yourself.

Source: Washington Post, "Lost in a System Where Doctors Don't Want to Listen," Benjamin H. Natelson, accessed Aug. 18, 2017

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