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May 2017 Archives

The Facts Behind Asbestos, Railroad Workers and FELA

For centuries, rail has been the cornerstone of American transportation. To this day, presidents and other elected officials tout the rail industry and remark on the need to expand and improve on our railroad systems. Due to our reliance on intercontinental transportation, the railroad industry has hired thousands of workers to build, repair and maintain the tracks and associated equipment, including the locomotives and all parts within.

Sworn to Fun - Loyal to None - The Art of Lane Positioning for Safer Riding

"Sworn to Fun - Loyal to None - The Art of Lane Positioning for Safer Riding" sponsored by The Goldberg Law Firm Co., LPA was written by seasoned motorcycle rider, David Winkelhake just in time for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  With warmer weather, it's time to remind everyone to be on the alert and to share the road with motorcyclists.  Riders who have been cooped up all winter are excited to be out on the road again, but that shouldn't stop them from using caution.  Both motorcyclists and motorists need to be aware of their surroundings. Checking blind spots, mirrors and using turn signals are necessary when changing lanes and when passing, but at all times, riders should consider their lane positioning.  Have fun this summer and keep the rubber side down!

The potential dangers of some metal on metal hip replacements

As more and more Americans age into retirement, hip replacements around the U.S. are skyrocketing, according to reports. For many, a hip replacement can provide mobility and with it, opportunities that had been curtailed many years prior. However, for some, this new lease on life can turn out to be a nightmare, as individuals around the country are suffering the negative effects of some metal-on-metal (MoM) hip replacements.

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