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Research highlights surgical error due to human mistakes

Ohio residents will sometimes require surgical procedures to improve their health. When these procedures are done, there is an inherent trust placed in the doctors and other medical professionals who are overseeing the surgery. Even with the medical advancements and technology, human beings are still in charge and that can lead to a surgical error. Those who believe they have suffered a worsened medical condition due to these mistakes should know their potential rights to file a lawsuit for compensation.

A recent study shows that more than 50% of adverse events during surgery came about because of human mistakes, also referred to as human performance deficiencies. The study was conducted by the Baylor College of Medicine. As part of a conference of medical professionals involved in surgery, the number of adverse events during surgery was analyzed on a weekly basis. This took place over six months and there were reviews of human mistakes as they occurred. Using several different facilities, the HPDs were categorized by the following: planning and problem solving; executing their goals; adhering to rules and when they were violated; proper communicating; and working as a team.

After a birth injury, a lawsuit might lead to compensation

Ohio residents who are expecting a child will be excited as they look forward to the big day. Starting a family is the most important part of the lives of many people and they focus on the positive. However, it is unfortunate that mistakes happen during the pregnancy, when childbirth is underway and in the immediate aftermath. This can cause major issues with the baby's health. It can even be fatal. When there is birth injury, the parents must think about the future and the potential for pursuing compensation.

There are many birth injuries and conditions that can occur after a medical mistake or negligence during childbirth. For example, the newborn can suffer broken bones or have brain damage because of a failure to properly oversee the birth. There can be damage to limbs and conditions such as cerebral palsy. This can cause pain, worry and spark major medical expenses to care for the child. In some cases, the baby will eventually recover. In others, there will be the need for treatment and care for the rest of the child's life. This will put an emotional and financial strain on the family and can be the catalyst for a radically changed life.

Asbestos-related illness a concern after subpar inspections

Ohio residents who live and work in older buildings are placing their trust in the owners regarding the removal of toxic substances, like asbestos. Because asbestos was once perceived as a substance that had a variety of uses with unknown risks, it was present in a seemingly endless number of locations and was integral to multiple industries. As time passed and its danger became known, people grew concerned about it. Asbestos has not been completely eradicated and those who fear they were exposed to it and have gotten ill or had a loved one become sick or die may have legal options.

According to recent reports, a man who owned a building that was used for local events entered a guilty plea for the failure to adequately inspect his property for asbestos. In 2018, a complaint was filed against the man by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. He was accused of committing violations of the Clean Air Act. He was said to have failed to properly inspect the building before it was renovated.

Medical malpractice: Did a nurse's medication error cause injury?

If you visit an Ohio medical office or hospital for treatment, a doctor might prescribe medication at some point. From minor discomfort associated with a virus to chronic pain issues caused by underlying medical conditions or injuries, prescription drugs can often provide pain relief and other benefits as patients recover from surgery or cope with other ailments.

No matter what type of treatment you're receiving, but particularly where medication is involved, you entrust your care to your medical team. It's not your job to know how to do their job. There are stringent regulations and set protocol for dispensing medication. The nurse who is taking care of you at the time must act according to accepted safety standards. When errors occur, it is often because of medical negligence.

New study shows prevalence of avoidable medical mistakes

Ohio residents who visit a doctor, a medical center or hospital for treatment for a medical illness, condition or other concern will believe they are doing the right thing. This is generally an advisable strategy to get the proper diagnosis and adequate treatment to confront and address the health issue. However, it is an unfortunate truth that medical mistakes happen all-too frequently. These can cause a person's illness or condition to worsen, it can spark other problems separate from the original medical concern or it can even lead to a fatality.

There might be a vague understanding that medical errors happen, but a new study shows just how often it happens and how deadly it is. People who have been injured, gotten ill or lost a loved one because of this should remember they may have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit. In the study by Johns Hopkins University, 34% of medical malpractice filings were due to misdiagnosis. The results of these medical errors led to the victim being permanently disabled or dying. In addition, misdiagnosis was the most common, expensive and risky occurrence.

Truck driver fatigue causes semi-truck crash with fire truck

A semi truck accident in Ohio is always dangerous and can cause serious injuries to the drivers of these large vehicles and those who are unfortunate enough to be in an accident with them. Some of these accidents happen in an unusual way. A chain-reaction crash is common. Even emergency vehicles can be in an accident and the occupants can suffer injuries and lose their lives. With these accidents, the aftermath can be severe and compensation might be needed to cover for all that was lost.

A series of accidents recently sent a firefighter to the hospital, according to reports. Initially, two semis collided. It was around midnight and they were on the interstate. The vehicles were disabled and blocked traffic. When emergency responders arrived, a fire truck that was handling traffic control was hit by a third semi. The fire truck had its emergency lights on at the time. There was one firefighter in the truck. He was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. It was found that the driver of the semi that hit the fire truck had fallen asleep at the wheel. The fire truck had been T-boned. The truck driver is facing charges for falling asleep at the wheel and for failing to stop to prevent the accident.

Road time regulations changes could raise truck accident risk

Truckers in Ohio and across the nation are required to adhere to federal rules for how long they can spend on the road at various intervals. This is to ensure that drivers do not drive beyond a perceived safe duration so they can stay awake and alert and will not resort to pharmaceuticals to get their delivery to its destination faster. For a truck company and its drivers, these rules can hinder efficiency and there has long been a movement for federal regulators to be more flexible in how it mandates these hours.

Fear of asbestos-related illness spurs lawsuit against EPA

Concerns about asbestos have been rising for many years. While the substance was once perceived as a "miracle," its risks eventually outweighed its potential usefulness by a large margin. Still, there are disagreements as to how far the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should go in regulating it. Since asbestos exposure is known to cause various ailments including cancer, lung problems, asbestosis and more, it is imperative for those who believe they have been impacted by asbestos to know they have rights in seeking compensation from entities that left them vulnerable. A law firm that has experience in asbestos litigation should be contacted for a consultation.

A lawsuit has been filed by attorneys general from across the U.S., 11 in total. It centers around how the EPA has regulated asbestos and the failures with its attempts to do so. In April, the EPA announced that the substance would be restricted, but not banned. Many fear that the loopholes with this designation will make people more vulnerable to asbestos. One attorney general from California said that the danger of asbestos is known and the EPA is not adhering to its responsibilities to protect the public.

Chain-reaction Ohio trucking accident injures three, one fatally

In Ohio, trucks can be an intimidating presence, but it might come as a surprise to many that semi-truck accidents can happen even in relatively slow traffic. The size of these vehicles can make any collision deadly. A chain-reaction accident in slow traffic can be worse than other types of truck crashes as there is nowhere for the drivers of vehicles up ahead to go to avoid the accident. Frequently, they do not realize what is happening until it is too late. After a trucking accident, those who were hurt or lost a loved one should be cognizant of their financial and personal needs and consider a lawsuit for compensation.

Three people were injured - one fatally - when there was a chain-reaction crash that was started by two semi-trucks. The accident occurred in the morning at around 7 a.m. The person who died was a 56-year-old man in a 2011 Toyota Corolla. The other people who were hurt were also male, a 29-year-old and a 77-year-old. The 29-year-old had been in a box truck; the 77-year-old in a Toyota Highlander. According to the law enforcement investigation, one semi was approaching traffic and swerved, hitting a second truck. The driver of the truck that swerved was a 69-year-old man. The drivers were not believed to have been under the influence. The investigation is continuing.

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